Moderated Chat Rooms

It is a concern for many who keep knowledge and are well informed that their privacy of location and private chat is one aspect they could get stressed about. HHB chat promises that you leave all your worries and concerns behind since your IP addresses and private messages (PM) are highly confidential and are in great hands; on the fluke in case of harassment or threat by a user to be handled by authorities as the only information that is monitored is the browser type and the login time.

Easy To Use Chat Room

Since our connections involve Facebook, Twitter, Google+, you can login through any of your desired media without the concern of your activity being posted on your web based social media as our live chat deals very seriously with our users privacy. All our online chat rooms are easy to use and admins are there to help you if you have any problem with our chat system.

Various Chat Users' Level and Badges

Good behaviour and conduct if not recognized wouldnt be fair upon our chat site users. HHB provides with Gold and Diamond badges for the well behaved and regular users which grants them powers to make the most of their talk time and enjoy their chat to the fullest. Furthermore, admin posts and RJ posts are additionally available for the deserving users. As much as you spend time on our chat rooms, you get reward in terms of points and each point can lead to you towards the next upper level in the chatters' list.

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